Let us show you How  to prevent Falls, Trips, & Slips
by making  your Home more Senior  Friendly & Safer.
We Provide Free In Home Safety Assesments & Recommendations :
    We will glady show you how easily  we can make you and or  your Love Ones Living Space Safer      
Giving you the Peace of Mind 
  • Grab Bars, Handrail, Banisters and Safety Rails

  • Hand Held Showers , Tub and Shower Seats & Benches

  • Ramps: Metal, Wood, Concrete and Custom Ramps

  • Threshold & Entryways Ramps, Tiered 1/2 Height Steps for those with Walkers

  • Safety Poles and Handrails

  • Pathway and Safety Lighting,that will automatically comes on, Lighting that reacts to your movement ,  so you are free to move safely around your home 

  • Bathroom Safety Equipment ( for Toilets, Vanities, Tubs and Showers)

  • Walk in and Barrier Free Showers  

  • And many other  Safety  Devices and Equipment     See more >>

Helping Those You Care About Live Safely 



Grab Bar Guys
Can Happily provide you and your Family :


“I want to  continue to live in my Home and Joel  & his team were able to make it easy for me to get in and out of my shower Safely, use my hall Bathroom, and with the Custom Tiered  1/2 Steps they built  for us and  installed in our Garage I can now safely use my Walker to get in and out of our Home  ( I did not want a ramp at this time and  Joel figured out how to make it  happen .The entire Grab Bar Guy Team was extremely Friendly, and Courteous , they listened very carefully to what we had to say and answered all our questions to our satisfaction , they took their times with us never rushed us  they  treated us  & our  home with Respect  and Diginity   We could not believe how  inexpensive everything  was , we are  glad we found  the Grab Bar Guys"      

              What a Great Experience all around  

  Thank you Grab Bar Guys and God Bless  you Guys

                                               Ina and Ron Makovsky

 When my Husband  Larry was coming home from Rehab we needed to make our Bathroom Safe ,  We called  the Grab Bar Guys  They came out listend to what I wanted and needed  ( I wanted Gold Colored Grab Bars and  Hand Held Showers with safety Bar ) and They got them ,for us and profesionally installed them ,we wanted two new Comfort Height Toilets they took care of that also ,  We also needed to add some handrails down stairts so Larry could go down to his TV  area safely, they came out and  made it match our custom wood work ouf our existing  banisters , the Grab Bar Guys  were extremly helpful and friendly and treated our us and our home with respect ,we are so glad that the Occupational  & Physical Therapist Teams at the Cedars Recommended them  


We have  hired them on four separate occasions and each was an amazing Customer Experience  

                                                               Mrs Ramsey 

Thank you Grab Bar Guys

  When we needed to make  our Shower area Safer for  my Husband Billy we called  The Grab Bar Guys ,   When we decieded we need a few Grab Bars by the Toilet we Called the Grab Bar Guys,   When we need to figure out how to get  my husband in and out of  our Home  we again  called  the Grab Bar Guys  and they built us two Custom wooden Ramps  that blended in nicely with our home and  extensive landscaping ,    Joel  even added a new Wireless Doorbell and Chimes for us , and gave us several motion activated lights for our bedroom so when we get up at night  we  can safely and automatically have lights to see our way  to the Bathroom ,    


Thank you Grab Bar Guys  you are the best  

                                                       Bill & Renee Cohen

My 90 year old father Bill  was coming to live with us and we needed to figure out how to get him safely in and out of our Home, and how to Make Dad Bathroom safe for him and us ,  Dad is a very Proud Marine and his  safety , independce and diginity was the uumost importantance to us.  

We asked that  Joel and his team to create a safe path from our Circle driveway to the Grand porch on our home so  my Dad could easily get from the car to the house 

and asked that it be designed to blend  asthetically into the landscape, so not to draw any attentionto it    The Grab Bars Guys built us a custom Board walk in one day.   our 2nd project was to add Grab Bars and Safety Rails  in Dad' bathoom, a raised teak shower floor , Hand held shower , and a safe rubber step to get into and out of the shower , they even installed a floor to ceiling Grab Bar that helps dad get in and out of the shower and also helps him on and off the commode,  our Third Project the Grab Bar Guys custom fabricated two sets of two half hieght steps platforms for  Dad to get into the house from the front porch with his walker  ( my husband and my dad  did not want a ramp on the front porch and the Grab Bar Guys were able  provided us an even better solution 

 Thank you for helping make  our Home safe for my dad 

It was a Great Experience all the way around  from start to finish  they were so neat and friendly

   I am so glad I called the Grab Bar Guys


Alanna Kellogg 

We Intall Grab Bars to Keep Seniors Safe at Home